Sunday, 7 January 2018

The 12 days of Christmas

On Friday it was Twelfth Night and the last of the twelve days of Christmas. "The 12 days of Christmas" is an old English carol about different 'gifts' some strange human gave to his sweetheart on each of the twelve days. Last week, I visited Lotherton Hall for a walk with Judith & Leigh and the woodland was decorated with images from that same carol..

This was the start of the Christmas trail - a billboard with holes for peeps to look through but I managed it too with a little help BOL. Can you see me at the top on the right?

On the first day of Christmas according to the carol, 'My true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear Tree' . This was the decoration in the woods:

The pears are like lanterns and the "partridge" is in the cage at the right. 

The 'nine ladies dancing'

Some of the eleven lords a-leaping

And a few of the twelve drummers drumming!

I was very interested to see them all but my favourite place was the fairy grotto.

Tiny fairy houses under the trees and among the rocks.

There was so much to see there.
Back home the Christmas decorations had to be taken down and the special Christmas plates and mugs put away. The mugs and plates are decorated with the 12 days of Christmas too!

Goodbye to a fun Christmas and looking forward to a happy Year of the Dog!


  1. What an enchanting display. We must say, you are quite a picture in your bright and cheery.

  2. A most interesting place to visit! and yes you do look lovely in your sweater!
    hazel & Mabel

  3. I just love your peeps' mugs and plates. That looks like a truly magical woods.

  4. That is so cool and imaginative. And you are looking good

  5. The woods are so beautiful and magical - And the dishes, are truly special, they are a lovely holiday treasure.

    And speaking of treasure, that dapper-sweater is one as well, as are YOU! Stay warm, my friends!

  6. What a cool place that is to visit! BTW, we love your colorful jumper. Year of the DOG - aroooo!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Moth from Midsummer Nights Dream I can understand you liking the fairy houses the best. I think it is sad Christmas is over.
    Sweet William The Scot