Sunday, 26 February 2017

Schauzer Visitors and a Birthday

This is me saying hello to Kaspar who came to visit with his big 'sister' Mabel the other day. Mabel is really his aunty as she is one of our Magic's daughters and Kaspar is our Trilby's son. Trilby is Magic's daughter too but she is a year older than Mabel. Family relations can sound complicated sometimes BOL. Anyway, Mabel and Kaspar came through to visit and have a little grooming session too. Here are some photos from the day.

                                                      Kaspar (on the left) and Mabel

                                       Mabel and Frida getting to know each other again :-)

                                                                Kaspar looking smart.

                                                                  And Mabel :-)

                                       And this is my Mum, Saoirse keeping an eye on things.


                                              And me watching the schnauzers play.

I must not forget to mention my grandmother, Aoife, too because she celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday.

Aoife is very pretty. She is Mum to Saoirse, Raven and Frida (who live here) and to Darcy, Georgie and Frankie (who live with other families), as well as being grandmother to me and Danny :-) So 'Happy Birthday, dear Aoife, from all of your relatives xx'

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Big Cats and Painted Dogs

This post is about some of the animals which my peeps went to see at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday. Sadly dogs are not allowed as we might scare the animals BOL or might end up as lunch!
The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is part of a worldwide effort to conserve endangered species and to take in animals that have been suffering in zoos which kept them in cages with no room to wander about or enjoy any natural kind of life.

Some of the first big cats to arrive at the YWP about ten years ago were lions from a zoo in Rumania where there was no money to look after them and they had been caged on concrete and fed a poor diet so some were disabled and none very well. Money was raised to bring them to the UK and before too long the lions had settled in two big areas with grass and caves and a waterfall and stream at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They have space to stroll about and places to hide if they want and rest and good meat to eat. You can read about the lions at the Wildlife Park here:

Lion Country

The Wildlife Park soon had more animals coming including Amur Leopards which are critically endangered in the wild. There may only be 70 individuals left in the whole world! They are such beautiful creatures and so sad to think they might die out. You can read more about the leopards here:

The leopards have a huge climbing frame with places to rest and view all the way up to the highest point overlooking the whole park. They love to climb and watch what is happening around them.

Near to the leopards are the Amur Tigers. These too are very endangered and part of a breeding programme to try and increase the population to return them to the wild once there is a safe and protected natural environment for them.

These are VERY big cats! No messing with these boys and girls BOL but they are just pussy cats when it comes to playing with toys and snoozing in the sun.

At one time the numbers of these magnificent cats was as low as 40 in the wild, and even today there are only about 500. You can read more about the Amur Tigers here:

But you may be wondering with all these beautiful cats, where are the dogs?

Can you see them? These dogs are experts at hiding and probably need to be in the wild, sadly. The African Painted Dog is so pretty but they have been hunted and killed for the past hundred years until their numbers have dropped to just 1% of the numbers that lived in the wild in 1900. There have been seven puppies born recently at Yorkshire Wildlife Park to the resident pack leaders and my peeps were so happy to see them playing in their cave. They have a woodland and a large area to roam as well as the caves to hide.

                            Here are some closer photos taken with the zoom on the camera.

You can read more about the African Painted Dogs at the Wildlife Park here:

There are lots of other animals from around the world to see at this park and sad to think of so many creatures that need rescuing and helping to survive in our world. The peeps did enjoy the chance to see them though and hope that one day their offspring will be running free and safe in the wild again.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day


                                Sending love to all my blogging friends today :-) 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Danny's Big Day


This is my brother Danny posing with his rosette and trophy from the Affenpinscher Club Show on Saturday. Judith took us both down to the show on a very cold and wet day. I was in Minor Puppy Bitch and Danny was in Minor Puppy Dog class.....and he won!

Here he is showing off his pose on the table at home. He does look very smart.


                                                       And just a bit cute too. 


This is me in the ring. The photo was taken by Julie who has our Dad, Robbie. It was Julie who trained Danny for the show ring and she has done very well!


This is another photo from Julie of me showing off my dance moves. It didn't impress the judge as much as Danny's posing and smart walking though and I missed out on all the rosettes and trophies.


Another photo of Danny looking smart.


And checking out the trophy

Well, I don't really mind that my brother had such a good day. I had a fun time at the show anyway and maybe I will get a place at the next show. here I am sharing a bed by the radiator with Magic. looking forward to warmer days soon I hope!



Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud


Sadly, I have not been able to go out and about for a while now as I have started my "season" which means that I am now a big girl and the boys might find me more interesting than usual BOL
So this post is about my brother Danny's trips out to Temple Newsam park near where we live with some friends and family dogs last week. It was VERY muddy!


This is Danny having his first experience of a very big muddy puddle. Frida was waiting to see what he thought and whether she would decide not to bother dipping her paws in after all.


                       Here are some schnauzer friends who loved the mud and puddles.


                                       Danny posing in his fleece jacket...and dripping mud!


Although the peeps got as muddy as the dogs, they must have liked it, because two days later, they went back! It was a bit warmer that day so Danny left his jacket at home.


This is Charlie - he LOVES running, jumping and rolling...and the muddier the better BOL


this is a photo of Wilson (our Trilby's son ) on the left and Gracie (Our Magic's daughter) who joined the trip out to Temple Newsam too on one of the days and enjoyed some muddy games too.


                                            Charlie enjoying life - he is such a happy boy!


And Danny looking very pleased that the sun has come out (and he is not as muddy as Charlie).