Thursday, 7 December 2017

A Victorian Christmas

 The other day my peeps went to visit Harewood House which is dog friendly but dogs are not allowed inside the house - not all doggies are as well behaved as me I guess BOL. So when Judith and Leigh heard the house was decorated for Christmas they decided to go without us to have a good look round and take some photos to share. Harewood House was used in the TV series about the life of Queen Victoria and the rooms are decorated in the fashion of those times. It is very beautiful.

This is the Christmas tree in the entrance hall with all the fine presents underneath.

The rooms were all set out as though the family had been there just a little while before so there was a good fire burning in the hearth and there were Christmas cards and children's toys scattered around.

There were lots of dolls and doll houses and even a model school room with a doggy which had a bit of a schnauzery look to me!

The dining room was very grand with beautiful glasses and the remains of a meal.

Then it was through to the long gallery with a high ceiling, lots of paintings and three Christmas trees as well as a lovely Nativity scene. The Christmas trees were set on pedestals which was traditional in large Victorian houses. The peeps thought that sounded like a good idea to keep the tree decorations out of reach of little dogs and cats!

Then it was downstairs to where all the real work of the house went on.

Through a little drawing room

And into the kitchen.

The trestle tables were all laid out with food for a banquet.

There was a fine range for cooking with copper pans.

And a second cooking range too:

And even a little child's version of the cooking range!

There were baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables.

And through the kitchen back outside to the gardens.

The garden bushes were decorated with lights and baubles.

And there were stars in the trees.

It was a wonderful place to visit for the peeps to get into the Christmas spirit. Now I am looking forward to our own tree and decorations here at home only maybe not quite so grand!


  1. Wow, that is quite beautiful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. It does look grand! Gorgeous decorations and such a good idea to look as if the family and guests had just been there. Dui is one of those dogs that keep the rest of us out. He would have wee'd on stuff....just sayin'.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit and get in the holiday spirit
    Hazel & Mabel