Friday, 25 August 2017

Fun on the Dog Walk

 This is my schnauzer sister Pip who has just started learning Canine Parkour.
She has been practising at home with our dog walk and we all got a chance to try it out too.

This is my Mum Saoirse who was very good at climbing up.

And my brother Danny who was not so keen BOL

This is Aunty Frida who was very good but she liked best to supervise everyone else!

Watching to see that they got down safely.

This is me with our house guest Ollie following. 
I guess the catwalk got its name as cats are so elegant, just like human models..but Ollie and me decided to enjoy our moment posing on the dog walk together BOL

And all the other doggies watched through the gate!


  1. We have some of those at the dog park! We ONLY sniff them. We don't like walking up them....or down.

  2. Oh Fun! I have been practicing on a dog walk also!