Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Enter the Dragon

So much has been happening here these past few weeks that there has not been time to blog at all!
The scariest thing of all was when the peeps told us that a dragon was coming to live here.

All I could think of was a monstrous fire breathing creature that would eat us all for breakfast!

                                 I remembered those scary models at the sculpture park......

But when he arrived he was the tiniest baby dragon you can imagine.

And not scary at all :-)

His name is Phoenix and he is a Bearded Dragon. He was born in Derby UK and his mother is called Snickers and his father is called Thor. Our peeps went to meet all the family when they collected him.. In the wild, Bearded Dragons live in Australia where it is quite a different climate from here. He needs much hotter temperatures and lower humidity than we have here in the UK so the peeps have got him a special vivarium to live in with basking platforms and UVB lights and caves and branches to keep him happy and healthy. 

Here he is enjoying the basking lamp.

And peeping out from the leaves.

He looks quite pale here but he is shedding his skin as he grows.

He is a lovely patterned orange/red colour when he has shed.

We are just getting to know him. Aoife loves to watch him from the arm of the sofa.
We are looking forward to watch him grow :-) 


  1. OMD, I daren't let Mum see this, she sooooo WANTS to haf a lizard of her very own and Phoenix looks a very handsome chappie. I would luffs to be sat next to Aoife watching Phoenix !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Welcome Phoenix! We occasionally see them sunning in the middle of the road....not a good place. We're glad he isn't like that Park Dragon.

  3. Handsome dragon is Phoenix!
    Hazel & Mabel