Friday, 28 July 2017

A Canal Walk with Affens

The other day the sun came out after lots of rainy days here and me and Danny set off for a lovely walk along the canal near where we live and Crybbe and Frida came too with our peeps.

Here we are setting off with Danny in front and me at the back!

We were soon all running along enjoying the sunshine.

The canal was very quiet with no boats or men fishing but plenty of flowers to see.

And some metal sculptures too.

This one was very tall and had strange beasts on the top like this bat:

He was too high up to worry us though.

This is Crybbe looking out for us as the senior affen in the pack.

And Danny who just can't help posing :-)

Here he is again by the water's edge.

It was a fun walk and lots of opportunities to run but stops for snacks were good too!

Frida by the canal bank

And me running for a titbit!

It was a fun afternoon and looking forward to going back there soon.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Keith (Moon) and Oliver (Reed)

On Saturday we had a visit from these two fine boys. The schnauzer on the left is Oliver (Reed) who is one of Pip's pups from her first litter all grown up now...and his new 'brother' Keith (Moon) who lives not too far away from us in Leeds with their family.

We had some fun times together in the garden. Here are Oliver and Keith keeping an eye on the affens heading into the top garden. They are pretending to be 'bouncers' BOL

This is Keith with my Mum, Saoirse, in the top garden.

And this is my aunty Frida who is very pretty.

My Mum (who needs a hair cut)  :-)

And me! 

Somehow I never seem to look as neat and smart as Frida and Danny  BOL

And just one last photo of Oliver who likes to pose - here on the sofa:

We enjoyed having Keith and Oliver to stay and look forward to seeing them both again soon.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Affenpinscher Garden Party

Hello Bloggy friends - I am just coming through my 'season' now so will soon be able to go out and about visiting places again. Sad to say I missed the Affenpinscher Garden Party this year but maybe next year I will make it. My brother Danny went with Crybbe, Aoife and Frida and they all had a great time. Here are some pictures from the day.

This is one of the stalls selling lots of affenpinscher items for the peeps. Leigh bought 2 affen mugs for coffee time :-)

There was a cake stall too selling lots of scrumptious cakes.

Frida and Crybbe followed their noses to the house too where lots of lovely cooking smells were wafting out to the garden but doggies were not allowed inside.

Frida was getting very peckish with those lovely smells!

But there was lots to see and do in the garden and titbits to find dropped on the ground!

There were lots of affenpinschers of course but also other dogs enjoying the sun.

There were even some sheep BOL

There was a Fancy Dress competition but we did not enter this year. Here is one of the fun costumes.

And my kind brother Danny brought me back a little present - a bling collar that he won as a prize in the Most Handsome Dog class.

It has lovely sparkles on it :-)

Danny did not want his photo taken so he kept hiding.

But my grandmother Aoife was not so shy.

And here is Frida:

And Crybbe :-)

It seemed a really great day out and I hope I can go next summer!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Danny and Maisie at Harewood

Sad to say that I have just started my 'season' which means no trips out for a couple of weeks!
But my brother Danny was able to accompany Maisie, our most recent visitor, to Harewood House gardens the other day and they had a lovely walk around the lake and enjoyed seeing the butterflies and flowers.

These were in the Himalayan Garden.

Danny and Maisie on the bridge over the stream in the Himalayan Garden.

Sitting with Judith in the shelter outside the walled garden.

Inside the walled garden there were more flowers and fruit growing.

And this beautiful clematis growing outside the walled garden

There were more flowers of all colours in the terraced garden which was really beautiful.

Maisie posed up high on the balcony :-)

Then they both climbed down the steep steps to walk back through the gardens.

Danny enjoyed watching the ducks on the lake.

They both had a good walk there and told me all about it when they got home. I hope that I can get a chance to visit another day when my season has passed.

Me with my twig decoration BOL