Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bramham Horse Trials

Yesterday, Judith and Leigh took me to the Bramham Horse Trials Cross Country which was being held in a huge park near to where we live. It was very exciting with lots of peeps and their dogs as well as so many horses. The horses and riders have to follow a long course around the park, up and down hills and over jumps and through water...and we followed the course safely alongside but out of the way of the horses!

When we first arrived it was raining and very muddy underfoot so it was wellies for the peeps and an equafleece jacket for me to keep me warm and dry.

There were lots of fun least fun to look at BOL I don't know whether the horses thought they were fun although they did seem to love the excitement and they were lovely to watch!

These cows were part of the ice cream jump!

And this jump had little doggies hiding in their kennels BOL

Once we had walked for quite a while, the rain stopped and we could enjoy the walk even more.

We were even able to sit down for a rest and watch the horses at the water jumps.

                                           And then it was time for some ice cream :-)

That was very tasty nom nom...

                       Then it was back on the course to watch some more of the jumping.

But we were getting quite tired by this time so decided to say goodbye to the horse riding...

And a quick stop off at the Waggy Tails Store for a purchase of treats to take home.

                                                So many yummy delights to choose from!

The perfect end to a wonderful day :-)


  1. Wow, that looks like a fun day indeed! However, we think your hooman shorted you on the ice cream cone!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. That was another great day out! We might have barked at the horses though, so we're not sure we would be allowed to go. AND then ICE CREAM and TREATS. What a bonus!

  3. We bark at our neighbours horses a lot and know it is fun. Wish we had some ice cream.

  4. You all have the best fun things to do - And I do think that a treat at the end of it all, just makes it that much better!

  5. Moth what a lucky pup you are to be able to attend such a beautiful event with those magnificent and talented horses. Mom likes you mom's wellies. Mom has some that a navy with white trim...there weren't any as purrty as those when she bought hers
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. Wow, what a fun day. I bet the horses were fun to watch. You know we could do all the horse stuff if only humans were smaller