Friday, 27 January 2017

Puppy Culture


I have not been able to blog for a little while as the peeps have been very busy. Last weekend Leigh went to a seminar in Coventry given by Jane Killion who had flown over from the USA. my peeps raise puppies using Puppy Culture guidelines and what fun we pups have as well :-) As well as taking great care of us and looking after our Mum too, there are all sorts of activities to help us develop strong and confident. Here are some photos of me and Danny from when we were a few days old,


Puppy Culture puppies are raised from the earliest days with little challenges to develop their brains and kick start their development all round to be strong and healthy. Here I am getting my toes tickled with a Q tip at a few days old.


Once we are old enough at about three weeks, we move out of our whelping box with our Mum and have a day time play (and sleep) in a playpen with lots of toys and get a chance to meet the other dogs too.


This is me with my Uncle Raven watching over me while I have a little snooze on the play mat.


We have an outdoor play area too with lots of exciting toys, a bridge, tunnels, balls, cones and a chance to sniff the grass and get to know the outside world of the garden.


This is my brother Danny testing out the splash mat which has little fountains of water coming up.


                    And this is Danny trying out the wobble board to test his core strength!


                                    And me trying to see if this spiky ball is good to chew.


Of course every girl needs a mirror to check if she is looking good before going out BOL


                                  It is always fun to find places to hide as well - a tent....


                                                                         Or a tunnel.


                         This coloured snuffle mat was fun to dig about in looking for treats.


                  And I really loved using Crybbe's steps to make my way up to the sofa.


By the time we reached six weeks old, we were going out and about in the pet buggy to see the world from our special chariot. It was great fun although we would have liked to climb out too!

So that is just to give you a little look at the kind of things we enjoy as Puppy Culture puppies. Our peeps say it helps us pups to grow up confident and ready to take on new challenges and enjoy life with whatever family we go to live with. Me and Danny are still enjoying life with our family right here but some of the pups born here go to live with other carefully selected peeps and have a great time with their new families.

If you want to know more about Puppy Culture have a look at their website - it is super interesting.
Click on this link here: Puppy Culture


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Family Photos



Today I am sharing some family photos - funny pics and portraits BOL This first one is my brother Danny with our Mum, Saoirse :-)


                         This is Danny and Saoirse in the garden checking both directions.


                                       And the strange two headed affenpinscher!


                            This is my Aunty Frida with a piece of antler chew she found. 


                                   Doing her Jimmy Durante impression BOL


Raven not looking happy as he thought he had buried that antler chew where no-one would find it!


    And a last B&W photo of me snoozing  and my Uncle Raven looking after me :-) 


Monday, 2 January 2017

Frosty New Year

Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends and wishing you good health and lots of fun to come in 2017.

Here in Yorkshire we have had a cold and frosty start to the year. everything in the garden turned white!

The leaves on the plants were white and the glass roof on the conservatory had pretty ice patterns.

But even though it is cold, we all have been having fun times in the garden. Wrestling and running keeps you warm even when it's frosty!

                                           Me in the blue jumper just so as you know :-)

My brother Danny doesn't like to wear a jumper but sometimes my peeps think it is so cold he needs one.

                                              Here he is looking cute in the red jumper.

                                   And here he is posing with me ( without his jumper BOL)