Friday, 14 April 2017

Puppy Playtime

Now that the puppies are growing bigger, Pip sometimes needs a paw with the cleaning and caring duties and me and my mum Saoirse are more than happy to help out.

My Mum loves all puppies and here she is enjoying some puppy time in the sun on the activity mat.

The pups have lots of challenges to overcome as they grow up and our peeps help to introduce them to novel experiences to make them more confident when they meet strange things, events or people in the future. Here is one of the little girl pups trying out the balance board.

          This little girl is working out how to get over the little barrier into the playpen.

And this little boy and his sister are hoping to be able to get up the big garden steps very soon!

                               Sometimes a tent can be even better when it is squashed BOL

One of the boys on the patio meeting some new people.

And the puppies got to see their Uncle Raffles who called for a visit. One of them will be going to live with him and his peeps before long.

                                               Trying out one of the three way tunnels.

                                                   Posing for a photo on the patio :-)

                                             Checking out the strange green hose monster.

                                              Back with more puppy fun before too long.

                                                   Happy Easter Blogville friends xxx

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Catch-Up Thursday

Hello bloggy friends and apologies for all the weeks I have missed posting and checking on your blogs! There has been plenty of drama and activity going here for sure but the peeps have been so tired they have not had a chance to keep you updated. I will try to post updates over the next few days so you can see what has been going on here recently.

Well, three weeks ago, the puppies eyes opened and they started being able to hear sounds. This was the time that they moved from their quiet whelping box den into the fun playpen in the kitchen so they could enjoy toys and get used to the activity going on ...and meet the other dogs. While they were still quite small they just had nose and paw touches through the bars of the playpen but it was such fun for us doggies to see them at last!

The puppies also have little coloured collars now as well. Our peeps know which is which but they take photos and videos for the families who are going to have one of the puppies and post them on a special private Facebook page so the families can watch every day how their pups are doing and the collars help them know who is who :-) Actually none of the families know for sure yet as our peeps try to match the pups to their homes once they have got to know them and can assess the personalities of the puppies.All will be decided soon though!

The puppies have different toys in their playpen on rotation each day. they have hard things and soft thing, noisy things and shiny things, big things and little things....all kinds of things BOL

                       But after play they still love to sleep in a pile on top of each other!

                      Here are some photos of some of :the pups posing for the camera:

This was all the happy events going on and, although our peeps were very tired with not getting much sleep watching over the puppies and caring for Pip, suddenly things got very frightening. Pip had just started having walks out again after just going for a stroll in the big garden..and Leigh noticed that she was staggering a bit and did not seem quite right. The vet was contacted and Judith bundled Pip wrapped in a blanket to the surgery. Poor Pip had developed "eclampsia" which is very low calcium levels in her blood.The vets did a blood screen to be sure there was nothing else wrong and then gave her intravenous calcium to boost her right back to normal. They said not to worry, she should be fine. All the mother dogs here get a liquid calcium and vitamin D supplement while they are feeding puppies as well as extra food so our peeps were surprised but they gave Pip a little extra of the liquid calcium as the vets advised, just in case. All seemed well and then, four days later at 3 a.m. Leigh, who was still sleeping on the sofa with Pip in the room with the puppies, knew that Pip was getting bad again..heart racing and panting. An emergency trip to the night vet and more calcium intravenously...but in less than 12 hours, Pip was down again! It was such a scary time for us all. Back to the vet for another treatment and this time they advised that the pups needed to be weaned and not feed from Pip again, and they prescribed a medication to dry up her milk. They could not understand why but it seemed she was putting all her calcium into producing milk for her babies even when she did not need to. They said that it was lucky the peeps were so vigilant as it can be fatal if not caught in time!

When you see the size of these chunky pups you can tell how much she was having to give them!

But they were just as happy tucking into the raw chicken weaning paste especially as you could play in it too BOL And for a few days the peeps also offered them some goats milk as well.

Happy to say that Pip is absolutely fine now. In the first week or so, she had to wear a medical pet shirt to protect her from the puppies trying to suckle as she still wanted to feed them. It meant she could still be with them and clean and sleep beside them. here she is on the activity mat with them.

But now that her milk has fully dried up she is getting out of the pups' way when they try to feed and she does not need to wear it any more and can play in the garden with the other dogs :-)

Well that is all for now, bloggy friends, and I will try to catch up with your blogs too very soon.
more puppy excitement to come :-) 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pip's Puppies

I know you may be wondering how those little pupsters are doing that were born on 4 March so here are some photos for you to enjoy. They are growing bigger every day and Pip is being a very good mother and feeding them well.

                                                 Can you see that fat little tummy BOL

                                                       Pip feeds them.......

                                                     ... and cleans them.

                  And the peeps weigh them to make sure they are gaining weight.

Pip does have time out to wander in the garden every day and have some time for sniffing and enjoying the sunshine (when it stops raining!)

And one more photo of a little pupster. They will soon all have their eyes open and then the fun will really begin!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Crybbe Enjoys Scent Work

This is Crybbe, head of our canine household.
One of the activities he enjoys most of all is scent work. He has been on lots of scentwork courses and last weekend he went on another one at a Yorkshire museum of agriculture through the ages.

                        There are lots of different huts for different historical periods.

                                             The searches were done inside the huts.

Crybbe had to search for tiny little morsels of cheese that are hidden somewhere in the hut.

                                                         Checking under the table.

                                                  Checking the top part of the table too.

                                                And having a good sniff by the window.

It is harder if you are a very little dog but Crybbe can let Judith know if he has found cheese but can't reach it. When he had finished his searches of the hut, Crybbe went outside to search in the yard.

There were rows of old tractors in the shed...and more places to search for hidden cheese!

                                              Crybbe thinks there might be something here!

                                                                  Or on the wheel..

This was one of the best scent work places Crybbe had ever been to. I hope when I am a bit older I will be able to start scent work training as it looks great fun...and cheese is always a bonus BOL


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Frankie and Crybbe's Woodland Walk

This is a photo of my Uncle Frankie who came to stay with us for a couple of days (before Pip's puppies arrived). He is my Aunty Frida's litter brother and Aoife is their Mum. While he was staying, my peeps took him for a fun morning out in the woods near where we live, with our Crybbe to show him the best sniffing places.

Here they are setting off up the path into the woodland. As it is not really Spring yet, there is not much to see in the way of flowers and even the trees are still bare of leaves but it does mean that the creatures who live in the woods are easier to see - especially when they come to the feeding station.

This grey squirrel was keeping out of the way up the tree as Frankie had his eye on him and he loves to chase the squirrels if he gets the chance. They are always too quick but he keeps trying to catch one.

                                  This one was coming to steal the birds' food from the feeder!

                                             There were some pretty birds there too.

                                                              Like this nuthatch

But the boys were not interested in watching the birds like the peeps - they wanted to have a good sniff and a run around so off they went again.

                                                     Come on peeps - time to go!

                                          Crybbe checking out pee mail on a plant stump.

                                                           Frankie on the move.

                                                       Looking for more squirrels.

                                    Oh no - the peeps saw more birds to photograph!.

                                                                Are you coming?

                                         What do you mean nearly time to go back home?

                                         We haven't had time to read half these messages.

                       And I'm sure to be able to catch that squirrel with his back turned!

    But there were no squirrels harmed on the boys' walk in Brayton Barff that morning :-)

And one more photo of my handsome Uncle Frankie after a good bath and tidy up.