Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Remembering Easy


I am sharing this candle for Easy to join the Blogville circle of love for this beautiful boy and all those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year. I did not know Easy but I know how much he was loved. My peeps found a quote that said the life of a candle is not short if it is used to light other candles and those who have given so much joy and love will be remembered always by those whose lives were brightened by their presence. 

RIP Easy and love and hugs to his family and friends. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

My First Christmas


     Well bloggy friends, you were right! Christmas suddenly became much more fun!


                        Lots of presents began to appear under the tree of forbidden delights.


                   And on Sunday morning we were able to help our peeps open them up....


                        Here I am checking out the tasty treats hidden in one of the boxes.....





                                                 Lots of goodies to sample :-)


Of course it was my brother Danny's first Christmas too and he was as excited about the presents as me. 


                                   Crybbe soon collected a good number of toys on his bed. 


                         Poor Magic had to put up with a tinsel collar for a photograph.


                                 But she was happier when she got a new toy :-)


                              And Aunty Frida also kept a watch on the gift opening 


                       More toys and treats ......and some less welcome shampoo spray. 


                         I made sure there was nothing left at the bottom of the box BOL


And then me and Danny posed for a quick photo before going back to play with our new toys.
I think Christmas might be quite a fun festival after all :-)

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Tree of Forbidden Delights


Everybody is telling me what fun it is going to be soon with this being my "first Christmas" but I don't know how much fun it really is yet.


A tree has been out in the front room and decorated with all sorts of toys that I am forbidden to play with.....and chocolate parcels that I am forbidden to eat....and presents I am forbidden to pull I am not so sure about the fun bit yet!  


                                                 There are little felt schnauzer ornaments too.

             Memory photo ornaments of the dogs and cats that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


                                                                     Flying dogs!!!


                         And lots of cards are coming every day from peeps around the country..


So  I am trying very hard to be patient and looking forward to the day the fun really begins for my first Christmas:-)

Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Brother Danny


I am so happy to tell you that my brother, Danny, has come back home for Christmas after staying with his Dad and learning about being a show dog. 


                We have such fun together - wrestling.....exploring...playing...........


                                                                  And sleeping.


                              Danny was always a bit of a poser...but he is very handsome :-) 



I am very proud of him but I still let him know who's boss around here too BOL 


A black and white photo of Danny...but more pictures of me and the other doggies to  come  as we get closer to Christmas and the presents and decorations come out :-) 

Friday, 9 December 2016

Meeting Friends in Norfolk


This is my last blog post about our Norfolk holiday and it is about two of the days we stayed there when we met up with other doggie friends and relatives and their peeps.


This is Finley who is Trilby's son and Magic's grandson. He lives in Kent with Fritz now.


This is Fritz and he and Finley called in for a visit with their peeps at the start of our holiday.
We all had great fun playing in the garden and all the schnauzers had a great time together on the beach. 


This is Bertie and he is litter brother to Finley ( another of Trilby's sons) and he came to visit on the same day with his peeps whose home is in Norfolk. 


                                               Here is Magic exploring on the beach. 


                                                 And Pip enjoying a good run!



               Of course there is always time for a treat break between exploring and running. 


Anyway, by the end of the holiday. My peeps had arranged to meet up with a friend of theirs who also lives on Norfolk and so it was off to a new beach to meet Faz a black & silver mini schnauzer. 


                                                     Here is Faz looking very smart. 


                     He seemed to take a bit of a shine to me and kept trying to show off BOL


                               Such as bouncing up and down to show me how athletic he is. 


                               And telling me what a sweet boy he is just loving to play :-) 


                                 I wanted time to explore though too with my Aunty Frida. 


                                 And Faz found some  interesting smells on the shoreline. 


                                                             Frida at full pelt :-) 


                                           Me trying an assault course on the beach! 


                                                                Crybbe  posing ....of course :-) 


                                 It was a pawsome day and a wonderful end to our holiday.