Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Holiday in Norfolk (Part One)


This is my first report on our family holiday in Norfolk at a place called Happisburgh. The peeps say it is pronounced Haze-bra but we like to think of it as "happy's burgh" as it sounds more fun BOL
We had a four hour car journey from our home and we nine doggies were safely installed in seats and crates all the way. We were quiet as mice on the motorway but once we stopped at a service area and saw the doggie in the next door car, we all let rip to warn him not to think of bothering us. He kept very quiet and would not even look at us after that. 


Well, when we arrived at the cottage we had a good look round. There are pretty windows in the hallway and flowers in the rooms which the peeps thought was a lovely touch...and the cakes!


      But we doggies were also well catered for with a packet of tasty doggie treats too.


There are special dog throws on the furniture and a wood burning stove for when the evening gets cool. This is me and Mum enjoying the warm fire :-)




                                   Some of the pretty flowers in the kitchen..


                                 Some of us enjoying our first explore of the huge garden.


                         Crybbe making  himself at home, posing in front of the doorway :-) 


                                                     A view down the garden.


                                     Checking out the good smells under the hedge


                                             Me among the autumn leaves :-)


We started to choose our favourite sleeping spot for the nighttime - Magic in her bed..


                                   My grandmother Aoife in the fireplace bed BOL


                               And me with my woolly jumper in case I get cold at night. 

                                          More holiday adventures to come.......

Friday, 25 November 2016

Winter jumpers


Well although winter is now on the way I do sometimes still go out in just my furs but I do have a few woolies and fleece jackets in my wardrobe. But my peeps decided the other doggies here could do with some new togs to keep them warm. I don't think they were very impressed BOL


                                                             My Uncle Raven.






                                                       My Mum, Saoirse 


                                      Crybbe  who is lucky enough to have two different tops :-) 


                                               This is a fun Christmassy one. 


                         Raven does not mind too much as he likes to be snug and warm.


                                  My  grandmother Aoife was not all pleased with hers! 


           And I think Crybbe's face shows what he thinks of his Christmas jumper BOL




Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Birds at Harewood


           Here I am wrapped up well for a walk through the gardens at Harewood House.


The house is closed for winter but the gardens are still pretty and the waterfall looked lovely.


      Some of the tender plants were all wrapped up (like me) to keep them warm. 


                              This is me with Oliver watching out for ducks and other birds. 


The lake looks pretty with the reflections of the autumn leaves and there were lots of water birds there too.


                                         This heron looking for fish in  the shallows.


                                   An egret resting on a tree stump by  the river bank.


                                                                 A pretty duck.




                                                                 More ducks. 


It was very chilly there but me and Oliver had fun n watching the ducks and other birds and look forward to coming back here in the Spring.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Back to the Arboretum


Last Thursday my peeps decided to have another visit to the Yorkshire Arboretum with me and Oliver, Magic and Crybbe. The wind had been bringing lots of leaves down onto the grass.


It was still very pretty there although I needed my jumper as the wind was still cold. 


                             This was a very good spot for furtling as you can see BOL  


Some of the paths were very wet and muddy - I was wondering whether I was going to get by without getting my paws wet.


                   There were lots of strange and lovely things to see like this toadstool..


                                             And these colourful berries..

                                                     And these Pine cones.


                                             The trees were beautiful in the sun.


                                 Oliver and me had some great wrestling games:-)


                             It was a wonderful day out and we all enjoyed it.


The Arboretum is closed in December and January so I look forward to seeing it in the Spring.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fairburn Ings


This is me wrapped up in my warm Equafleece for a visit to Fairburn Ings with Ollie and my peeps. Fairburn Ings is a RSPB reserve and, because there are a lot of water birds here, we doggies have to be on lead but I don't mind too much as it is a fun place to explore anyway.


                This is pointing the way that we went through the woodlands.


And this is me in one of the hides that are set up around the reserve to watch the birds.


                               We saw a seagull and two cormorants watching for fish.


     This is the cormorant. He is very fine with shiny feathers and a big beak.


       Then I caught sight of a swan swimming by - looking lovely in the sunlight. 


           But there is plenty for us doggies to do as well as  watching birds BOL 


                         The woodland is full of lovely scents and leaves for furtling.


                             Me and Ollie sharing a particularly good area :-) 


                     We watched a duck having a drink from a little pond near the cafe. 


                                       And then it was time to go home. 


                        Ollie was exhausted after all the walking and scent trails.