Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My Best Friend Oliver


Oliver stayed with us for 2 weeks and they have been such fun that I almost forgot how sad I was when Danny went away. I have had lots of days out with Oliver and here are some of the photos. In this picture I am having a ride in the pet carrier but now I can walk a lot more when we go out with the big dogs.


This is Oliver on the left with me beside him ( of course) then Magic, with Trilby behind and Raffles on the right. Raffles is one of Trilby's sons and we met him with his peeps at Temple Newsam for a fun walk.


                                                   Me and Oliver at Harewood House.


                                                        Me and  Oliver on the sofa at home.


A portrait of Oliver - he is such a handsome boy and looks so different from the day he arrived when he was a bit of a shaggy teddy bear BOL Now Judith has groomed him he looks so grown up.


All the schnauzers before Oliver left. Magic on the left, Pip, Trilby and Oliver on the right.


                                             And me enjoying a lovely rest on the sofa too.


  1. Love seeing all the pups together! Looks like the only thing good about pups leaving is you have more room to stretch out on the couch.

  2. Howdy little mate. Thank you for your kind words on the passing of our beloved Rory. We miss him so much it makes our hearts ache. Looks like you had fun on your walks. No worries and love Stella.

  3. Hey Moth, your best friend is very handsome but I see he comes from a family of good lookers. Finley xx

  4. Those are some handsome Schnauzers! And I see that one has the best name ever - Pip!


    1. Thank you Pippen :-) Great to meet you - nose licks and love from Moth xx