Monday, 3 October 2016

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye!

This is Ollie ( Pip's son, Oliver) and he has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks - we said hello to him again on Saturday when he travelled all the way up from London to meet up for a run in the park before coming through here.

Here he is on the right with his Mum, Pip, exploring the garden again.

                                   Oliver by the pond 

But yesterday we said goodbye to my brother Danny who has gone to live with his Dad for a while and have some show training to see if he can make it in the show ring. 

We all miss him very much - although I do have more toys to myself which is good BOL

Here I am enjoying some sunshine in the garden.

More news very soon....


  1. Lots of comings and goings there! We always bark hello and bark goodbye...shoot, we just bark a lot.

  2. OMD, here's tons of cuteness. Saying goodbye is always hard but we're sure you guys manage everything well.

    We also wanted to say thank you for our friendship, Magic and growing family members. We just celebrated our 10th Blogarsary. Your support really keep us going!!

    Momo, Pinot and mom

    1. Thank you - we love reading your blog posts too :-) Wow - 10 year blogaversary is something to celebrate! Have fun - nose licks from Moth, Magic and family xx