Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Trip to York


Yesterday the peeps took me on a fun visit to our nearest city -York to see the sights.


         I could have stood watching all the people and dogs for ages  - it was so busy!


              There were lots of funny Halloween statues and pumpkins wherever I looked.


         This is York Minster which is so huge that it could not all fit in the picture BOL


 This is me on the steps of the Minster and you can see how huge the doors are....


     And another building with huge doors - I think they must have giants living here.


                       There were many old buildings and shops too to look at like this one.


                               And an old building where peeps could get refreshments :-)  


But that cafe would not let me come in so we went to another place where dogs are welcome and I sat on the floor on a fleece blanket while Judith & Leigh had a snack. 


                                 Here I am having a look at the foodables :-)


                                     Some more of the Halloween surprises.


                                       And a scary mask outside a shop!


                    We all went to look at shoes for the winter in a friendly shoe shop.


                     And when we came out we saw a big balloon flying overhead :-) 


So much to see and more -  a fun fair with a carousel and painted horses going round. 


       There were craft stalls too - and guess with a very  special name BOL 


But at last I was getting so tired that the peeps thought it was time to get the bus back home so it was goodbye to York for the day but I hope to go back again before long.


                           Wishing all bloggy friends a happy Howlaween- have fun xxx


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Fowl Play


Yesterday when I was playing in our garden with the schnauzer girls, there was a strange noise.


No it wasn't a Halloween was the hen who had jumped up to see what was going on.


She caused a lot of excitement and all the dogs were cross that they could not reach her BOL


             Even after she jumped back down my Mum tried to get the door open to find her!


Of course the hen was fine - she knew they could not get her. She has a whole stretch of garden all to herself as well as her coop and run and enjoys hiding among the bushes and picking up the fallen seeds from the bird feeder as well as catching insects to munch on.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Harewood House Gardens in Autumn

             This morning I went to Harewood House with our peeps and Mabel and Kaspar.

We walked round the lake and the peeps enjoyed the pretty colours of the autumn leaves.


There were reds and yellows and orange leaves and it was very bright even though it was not sunny.


                                            Here we are posing by one of the orange bushes.


There were pumpkins everywhere too! This one was on the ground in the courtyard. It did not smell very tasty to me ! 


                                               Mabel found more pumpkins on the wall too!


And in the walled garden there was a wheelbarrow full guesssed it - more pumpkins!


                                 There are a lot of birds at Harewood too like this duck on the lake.


                                                                       And this swan 


                                                   And these gulls in their winter plumage


The peeps were very excited by this little bird too - it is a tree creeper and moved very fast up and down the tree trunk.


After a good walk it was time to head back for home but we all enjoyed our morning at Harewood 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Fun in the Garden With Visitors




Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My Favourite Things


Today I thought I would share some of my favourite things. This is my Princess T shirt which is good when the weather turns a bit chilly :-)


                          This is my dinner bowl from the Affenpinscher Club Shop.


And this is my favourite bowl with my favourite dinner - beef and tripe nom nom


I love exploring the garden and looking for treasures in the leaves is one of my favourite things to do.


One of my favourite places indoors is on the stairs with my Uncle Raven and Crybbe looking out for visitors or waiting to bark at the postman!


But at the end of the day my favourite thing of all is a warm snuggle buddy like Magic the mini schnauzer :-)

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Day The Tree Came Down


The other day a very scary thing happened here. You can see me hiding just in case there are monsters! 


Frida, Crybbe and my Mum, Saoirse kept watch through the conservatory to see what was going on. 


On this photo you can see a big conifer tree on the right by the shed- well that tree is no longer there!


Our peeps decided that it was taking over the garden and we did not have enough space for playing so they called in a man with a noisy chain saw to take the tree down. 


After he left we went out to check over the new space. It is still a bit of a mess just now. The large trunk pieces will be cut for fire logs and some kept for us to play on :-)


                                                Trilby checking the new smells.


                                           Me having a little explore too :-)


                                                The trunk was VERY big!


This noisy machine cuts up the branches and small twigs - Judith is cutting back the other bushes too. 


                                       They come out all shredded ready for recycling :-)


                                           Me and Trilby can both fit on the old tree stump! 


   This is my Aunty Frida and my Mum Saoirse watching the shredding through the window. 


                                 And me having a well earned rest after all the excitement:-)