Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Family

know that some of you already know the other doggies who live here in our house from my schnauzer sister Magic's blog but today I thought I would introduce our little family to anyone who hasn't met them before.


This is my Mum, Saoirse ( pronounced Ser-sha)  - her official name is Darksprite Grace Adieu.


                                This is my little brother Danny ( Darksprite Solstice Son)


                                  This is my Aunty Frida ( Darksprite Frida Kahlo)


                                     This is my Uncle Raven ( Darksprite Raven King)


This is my grandmother Aoife ( pronounced Ee-fa) ( Orlock Baobhan Sith at Darksprite)


This is Crybbe - he is the eldest of the doggies and the head of our household - he is 9 years old and his official name is Ingerdorm Crybbe.

                                         Then there are the mini schnauzer girls too :-)


                                            Magic ( Silversocks Sharade at Darksprite)


                                     Trilby ( Darksprite Rosa Bud) who is Magic's daughter.


                                    Pip ( Darksprite Too Darn Hot) who is Trilby's daughter :-)

So that is everyone here - and in case you are wondering my official name is Darksprite Strawberry Moon. Me and Danny were born at the time of the summer solstice and the Strawberry Moon so that is how our peeps chose our special names...and I am named Moth after one of the fairies in a play called A Midsummer Night's Dream BOL






  1. Hi Moth,
    So how do you pronounce 'Baobhan'? Excuse my ignorance.
    Finley xx

    1. Oh Finley I should have said - I forgot about my grandmother's Irish name being a bit strange :-) Baobhan Sith is pronounced "bah-van-shee " I am afraid that it was used to describe a beautiful blood sucking fairy(!) A kind of vampire really - beautiful to look at but very dangerous to the unwary! Not a sweet fairy like me BOL Of course my grandmother is actually not so scary at all although she is beautiful :-)

  2. Bwahaahaa! She's learned that you pronounce all the letters you see, as the letters you don't see.

    Bella is the only one with an Official name in our family and it's Upyrkilt I'm on Fire!