Saturday, 17 September 2016

In the Beginning

My name is Moth and I am an affenpinscher. I am going to keep a diary of my life in the world of peeps and dogs but to start my story I will go back three months to when I was born. My brother Danny says that the best stories begin with "It was a dark and stormy night.." but when our story began it was not that dark and certainly not stormy! It was the evening of the summer solstice and the night of the Strawberry Moon when we decided that we might like to take our first breath in the outside world. Our mother Saoirse had been getting bigger and bigger as we grew inside her and our peeps had prepared a wonderful little nest box for us all ( only we did not know that then)....but we could not quite decide if we were ready for the big world or not. We took so long deciding that our peeps became very worried and took our Mum to the vet surgery to find out if there was a problem. The vet lady said she did not think there was anything to worry about but she could try and help with a little injection to encourage us to get moving! And I did pronto...BOL


This is me just minutes after I was born on the back seat of the car with my peeps and the vet lady watching my big entrance into the outside world. My brother was still dallying about, not sure about following me, so Judith and the vet lady took our Mum back into the vet surgery while I snuggled inside Leigh's T shirt to keep warm. I was not best pleased as you can imagine that I was having to wait for my milk while my brother took his time coming!


                                                  This is me trying to be patient and waiting.

My ears are flat back and my eyes and ears are not working yet in this picture. We pups like to develop in our own good time - plenty of days to come when we can see and listen to the world around us. Just feeding and sleeping are our top fun activities for a couple of weeks BOL.

Anyhow, my brother did not hang around too long and was born almost as soon as he went back in to the vet surgery so we were quickly able to snuggle with our Mum and get a welcome taste of milk! Wow that was so good :-)


Here we are back home in our special little nesting box with our Mum, Saoirse ( pronounced Ser-sha).  She was very tired after all that excitement as you can see. Our peeps were pleased that all was well and the vet lady was so happy that she had been able to see little pups being born naturally :-) 

So that was the start of my adventures... :-) 


  1. Hello and welcome to the world!! What a great start of your adventures! We've been a big fan of Magic's bloggy and so happy to see her family has been expanding happily!!

    Looking forward to reading your next post! Take care.

    Momo, Pinot and mom

  2. Welcome to Blogville, Moth! I hope to learn mor about your life as it happens!!


  3. So that was how it happened, Moth! My name is Darksprite Let's Misbehave aka Finley. Magic is my granny, Trilby is my mother and Pip is my sister. I will be looking forward to reading about your adventures here. Lots of love to your Darksprite family.

    Finley xx

    1. Hello Finley - I remember seeing you at Ferry Meadows :-) Thank you for following my adventures here - nose licks from Moth xx