Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bath Day


     This picture says it all! What a terrible trauma I went through yesterday :-( 
Me and my brother woke up happy as happy with no thought of how we looked to our peeps.

                        Maybe a bit wild but we weren't worried :-)
 And then there was mention of baths and grooming and all us doggies here were caught out.


You can tell that I was not overjoyed about this weird water and shampoo business!


Who could believe that us doggies have to endure such a strange ritual? 

But after hugs and cuddles and soft towels to dry us we decided to forgive the peeps after all.


I suppose I do look better after all that bathing - not sure that I am looking forward to the grooming though BOL



  1. Moth, I think you look beautiful.
    Finley xx

  2. Well, it had to happen sometime. Welcome to the real world. Lotsa bad stuff happens, like the dreaded bath, grooming and Vets. But mostly there's good stuff.

  3. Whenever the peeps Ilive with start talking about giving me a bath, I hide under Mimi's bed! Then I get a treatfur coming out and they catch me!
    I want to follow you but I don't see how to.
    YourFurrend in Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

    1. Thank you for the great advice Louis - I will have to try that trick BOL I am still learning to set up my blog and have tried to add a Follow button now - hope it works - nose licks from Motn xx