Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tasty Treats

You can see from this picture that we doggies are getting quite excited about something and you may just be able to see what it is! Tasty treats for us to share. Yesterday the peeps took my Mum, Saoirse, and grandma, Aoife, to check out a new doggy food supplier not too far from where we live. We all eat raw meat dinners and love them but they have to be delivered from down in the south of England and this place is in North Yorkshire so much nearer. They are called Naturaw and this is their website:

This is my Mum getting her teeth into the lamb strip. We love them!!

So the verdict was good so far and Judith & Leigh have brought a good selection of meals home for us to try as well as these treats.

Looking forward to trying the dinners soon too BOL

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Garden Fun


This is me and my brother exploring the garden today. There are so many interesting places to investigate and treasures to be found :-)


                                   This is a little feather which was hidden in the grass.


                             I was really pleased with this find.....until I found an even bigger one!!


That was even better so I tried to find somewhere safe to hide it which can be hard with so many dogs here who are looking for treasures too!


                                        Just checking that no-one saw where I hid it. 


                                                             No, it's not in there :-)


                              I'll just sit in here and wait until they have all given up looking BOL


The only trouble is that sometimes there is so much happening that I forget where I hid it myself!



Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Family

know that some of you already know the other doggies who live here in our house from my schnauzer sister Magic's blog but today I thought I would introduce our little family to anyone who hasn't met them before.


This is my Mum, Saoirse ( pronounced Ser-sha)  - her official name is Darksprite Grace Adieu.


                                This is my little brother Danny ( Darksprite Solstice Son)


                                  This is my Aunty Frida ( Darksprite Frida Kahlo)


                                     This is my Uncle Raven ( Darksprite Raven King)


This is my grandmother Aoife ( pronounced Ee-fa) ( Orlock Baobhan Sith at Darksprite)


This is Crybbe - he is the eldest of the doggies and the head of our household - he is 9 years old and his official name is Ingerdorm Crybbe.

                                         Then there are the mini schnauzer girls too :-)


                                            Magic ( Silversocks Sharade at Darksprite)


                                     Trilby ( Darksprite Rosa Bud) who is Magic's daughter.


                                    Pip ( Darksprite Too Darn Hot) who is Trilby's daughter :-)

So that is everyone here - and in case you are wondering my official name is Darksprite Strawberry Moon. Me and Danny were born at the time of the summer solstice and the Strawberry Moon so that is how our peeps chose our special names...and I am named Moth after one of the fairies in a play called A Midsummer Night's Dream BOL





Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bath Day


     This picture says it all! What a terrible trauma I went through yesterday :-( 
Me and my brother woke up happy as happy with no thought of how we looked to our peeps.

                        Maybe a bit wild but we weren't worried :-)
 And then there was mention of baths and grooming and all us doggies here were caught out.


You can tell that I was not overjoyed about this weird water and shampoo business!


Who could believe that us doggies have to endure such a strange ritual? 

But after hugs and cuddles and soft towels to dry us we decided to forgive the peeps after all.


I suppose I do look better after all that bathing - not sure that I am looking forward to the grooming though BOL


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Growing up


In my last post, I was telling you that me and my brother were still in a quiet and dark world as our eyes and ears were still closed after being born. But after a couple of weeks we decided to find out more about what was going on around us and, as you can see from this photo, I opened my eyes to have a look. Actually I still couldn't see much at first as my eyes were still learning how to see things and my ears were not hearing as well as they do now but it did not take too long.


Once our peeps knew we could see and hear, they moved us from our quiet nesting box in the sitting room of the house to a fun play pen in the kitchen with toys and all sorts of playthings from crinkly paper and  cardboard  tubes to hanging toys that we could reach up to touch with our noses. We got to meet all the other canines living here too - they had been wanting to meet us for ages. There was my grandmother, Aoife, my uncle Raven and Aunt Frida, and the schnauzer girls Magic, Trilby and Pip...and Crybbe the head affen here who actually did not want to meet us as he doesn't really like puppies!


                                                        This is me saying hello to Trilby :-)

                              And as it was summer and warm outside we got to play on the patio too.


                 This is me with my mirror just checking how I am looking with the new collar :-)

I don't wear a collar all the time but when my peeps were taking pictures to show people they could see which was me and which was Danny as we had different coloured collars.


               There are so many toys here that it is hard to know which ones to play with first BOL....

                                                       I do like the little furry rabbit though :-)


                  This is me by one of our tunnels, they are great fun to run through and to hide in :-)


                 And this is me and Danny trying out the wobble board to check our core strength :-)


We have actually been out to lots of places in the past couple of weeks in our special buggy with our peeps but we could not get out as we had not had our vaccination jab. It was fun to see the world outside our home and we can hardly wait for when we can really explore it.


                                                         Me looking out to see what is happening. 


Here I am having a chat with Pip - I am nearly 3 months old now and I have a proper collar to wear!


                                                   And I can jump - when there is chicken on offer! 

So now you know about the past few months of my life and I will begin to post my adventures as I go out and about in the big world....there should be lots of fun to come BOL 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

In the Beginning

My name is Moth and I am an affenpinscher. I am going to keep a diary of my life in the world of peeps and dogs but to start my story I will go back three months to when I was born. My brother Danny says that the best stories begin with "It was a dark and stormy night.." but when our story began it was not that dark and certainly not stormy! It was the evening of the summer solstice and the night of the Strawberry Moon when we decided that we might like to take our first breath in the outside world. Our mother Saoirse had been getting bigger and bigger as we grew inside her and our peeps had prepared a wonderful little nest box for us all ( only we did not know that then)....but we could not quite decide if we were ready for the big world or not. We took so long deciding that our peeps became very worried and took our Mum to the vet surgery to find out if there was a problem. The vet lady said she did not think there was anything to worry about but she could try and help with a little injection to encourage us to get moving! And I did pronto...BOL


This is me just minutes after I was born on the back seat of the car with my peeps and the vet lady watching my big entrance into the outside world. My brother was still dallying about, not sure about following me, so Judith and the vet lady took our Mum back into the vet surgery while I snuggled inside Leigh's T shirt to keep warm. I was not best pleased as you can imagine that I was having to wait for my milk while my brother took his time coming!


                                                  This is me trying to be patient and waiting.

My ears are flat back and my eyes and ears are not working yet in this picture. We pups like to develop in our own good time - plenty of days to come when we can see and listen to the world around us. Just feeding and sleeping are our top fun activities for a couple of weeks BOL.

Anyhow, my brother did not hang around too long and was born almost as soon as he went back in to the vet surgery so we were quickly able to snuggle with our Mum and get a welcome taste of milk! Wow that was so good :-)


Here we are back home in our special little nesting box with our Mum, Saoirse ( pronounced Ser-sha).  She was very tired after all that excitement as you can see. Our peeps were pleased that all was well and the vet lady was so happy that she had been able to see little pups being born naturally :-) 

So that was the start of my adventures... :-)